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      Luxury ties are an addition that allows you to personalize the look and give the whole outfit an interesting and unique character. It is no wonder that the first versions were especially loved by the "Sun King" - Louis XIV himself. The royal tradition has not ceased to be relevant, because members of the British royal family, princes Philip and Charles are known for their passion for classic elegance and fancy silk ties.


     Luxury silk ties by Dignito are manufactured based on proven, traditional patterns. The whole process takes place in the picturesque Italian region of Como, where there are numerous factories specializing in manual production. Thanks to this, each element is checked in detail and the final effect meets all the requirements.


     The most important features of a good tie are: proper thickness and elasticity, which is influenced by a number of different factors. At Dingito, we make sure that each of our luxury ties has a natural wool interlining and a special thread that runs the entire length and makes the tie spring. In addition, the following models are made in self-tipping technique, i.e. they have a lining made of the same fabric as the rest of the tie.

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