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     A pocket square is an accessory that would seem to have always been paired with a well-chosen tie. It turns out, however, that its history is much shorter, because it entered the canons of male elegance forever only in the 1820s. Silk pocket squares can be an extremely versatile accessory. Their patterned structure allows for almost unlimited fantasy and matching it to the rest of the stylization.


     Silk is an example of a material that loves the whole world. Interestingly, this extremely soft fabric was already appreciated by the ancients. And although a few thousand years ago wearing a silk pocket square was out of the question, it was clear for years that the fabric, which according to legend, was discovered and appreciated by Emperor Huang Di himself, would become an extremely desirable product. This is what happened when the fashion for wearing a colorful handkerchief as a decoration appeared.


     As a Dignito brand, we offer pocket squares with rolled edges that are made according to traditional rules. The whole process takes place in the picturesque region of Como in northern Italy - manual production in a small family plant ensures that all offered pocket squares are unique and have original, extremely interesting designs. Their characteristic feature is also the size adapted to the size of a suit pocket, thanks to which the pocket square stays in its original position for a long time.

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